Preaching and Practicing Buddha's Dharma, Thiruvalluver Aram and Avvaiyar moral teaching

Founded in 2000, Persatuan Kebajikan Dharma Mandram is a well-known religious organization based in Johor. Thuravi sir (Kumaravelu Palanisamy) is the backbone of its spiritual discourses. Dr.Krishnan and Mr.Manogaran are major contributor and created many learning activities such as Dharma Class, Publishing of Dharma Books, free tuition and other charities. The organization is nurtured and is constantly evolving by Buddha's Dharma, Thiruvalluver Aram and Avvaiyar moral teaching. We hope to create a community that is meaningful for many people. We promote the Dharma spirit and knowledge that aim to improve life for human beings.


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Stripping ignorance through self knowledge

Book to read

In quest for survival, we have veered off far from the truth.

The very nature of our sense perceptions evolved to serve this purpose.

These books were written to challenge the mind normative in aid to unearth the true being of ourselves so we may harness the ultimate potential for spiritual growth.

From darkness to light, from untruth to truth, from mortality to immortality

Make your heart a zone of peace

Video to watch

Spiritual journey of self discovery audio discourses

Audio to listen

What better way then to have a guide to lead the way?

Join in, as Monk Sir takes us by his hands to shed light unto our paths as we trod into our own inner exploration to discover our own nature.

Memories etched in photography


May you be peaceful and at ease

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